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Fleet Health Check

About us

Energy Saving Trust is an independent organisation dedicated to promoting energy efficiency, energy conservation and the sustainable use of energy. We empower householders to make better energy choices, work with governments around the world to deliver transformative energy programmes, and support businesses with strategy, research, assurance and communications – enabling everyone to work towards a sustainable future.

More support

Energy Saving Trust’s offers a variety of transport support and information to organisations in the UK, helping them reduce emissions and costs, and understand and comply with government policy.

Our online Fleet Management Toolkit provides a range of detailed best practice guidance, template policies and tips on choosing fuel-efficient and electric vehicles. Our Fleet Support Managers can also provide tailored Fleet Reviews based on your organisation’s fleet needs and requirements.

In England, much of this support is fully funded by the Department for Transport. For more information, visit

Contact us

If you have any enquiries relating to the Fleet Health Check, contact us at


The Fleet Health Check is a unique calculation tool backed by the expertise of the Energy Saving Trust. We hope that any recommendations provided help you take action to reduce your carbon emissions and fuel costs. Please note that the Energy Saving Trust is not responsible or liable for any decisions you make as a result of your Fleet Health Check results or report.

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